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Largest Carbon Composite Brake Rotor Ever Made. First Company to Test On It.

Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Carbon SiC Technologies, an advanced materials company, recently produced the larges ultra high temperature fiber reinforced ceramic brake rotor to provide for JLTV tactical vehicles in the Army.

CEO, Clifford Leonard with the largest Spark Plasma Sintering machine ever produced.

Carbon SiC has been developing their specialized material over the coarse of 6 years now in order to make affordable composite materials in record manufacturing times. What normally would take several weeks to accomplish, was produced in just a few hours to the products final form prior to surface machining.

Getting to this point opens many doors to making affordable fiber reinforced composites in several industries. The same material being developed with the military is also. being explored for thermal protection systems on hypersonic vehicles due to the high thermal conductivity, affordability, and production scaleability in Carbon SiC's process.

Carbon SiC intends to expand their facility for production capabilities in the near. future with several of their clients.

Clifford Leonard, CEO, Displaying at Idaho National Lab Ribbon Cutting Event.

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