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Carbon Ceramic Brakes /
Friction Materials

Carbon SiC Technologies specializes in development of carbon ceramic brake rotors. Our next generation material brings clients custom solutions for low cost rotors comparable to steel rotors and custom thermal properties to match with your vehicle platform. 

Please visit for more information.

Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

10 inch carbon fiber reinforced with SiC-ZrB2 sample plate made for a customer shown above. Carbon SiC Technologies incorporates ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTC) in our formulations. This includes carbides, borides, nitrides and more. 


UHTC's are known for their high thermal and electrical properties suitable for the harshest of environments. We intend to push this to the limits.

Lightweight Product Solutions

Carbon fiber reinforced solutions for custom. material. properties in thermal and electrical conductivities to high strength materials. Depending on the project requirements, we've got many options to work with.

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